Auto Electrical & EWP Services in Dubbo

Orana Auto Electrical are the number one providers of EWP equipment repairs, maintenance services and inspection and we also conduct auto electrical work for clients in the Dubbo area.
Here are answers to frequently asked questions about our services:
Q. Do I need to bring my car to you?
It is advised that you bring your vehicle to our shop whenever possible, as we have all the diagnostic equipment at our facility to perform checks and repair work. However, we also offer a mobile service and breakdown service to clients who are unable to bring their car or truck to our location.
Q. I recently bought a new car stereo. Can you install it for me?
Q. My car is producing air when I turn on the air conditioner, but it’s not cool. What is the issue?
Q. How often should I have my boom lifts and scissor lifts inspected?
Q. Do you perform air conditioning health checks?