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Repairs and Maintenance


If you are experiencing any problems with your EWP equipment such as a malfunction, poor performance or a complete loss of power, contact Orana Auto Electrical for urgent servicing. We will come to your worksite with the necessary tools to diagnose and repair the problem. We also offer regular maintenance on these machines which helps keep them at 100 per cent performance.



Routine inspections and maintenance of EWP equipment are conditional on the working environment, the frequency and the severity of use while the EWP is being used. The inspection should be carried out at no more than three-monthly intervals unless the EWP is not in service. The inspection includes all items specified in the instructions written in accordance with this Standard for routine inspections.
These routine inspections can be done every 90 days, at Orana Auto Electrical we also offer annual inspections to ensure your machines are running as per Australian standards and general safety regulations. We also make sure that all components associated with the machines are running flawlessly while repairing any parts that we deem problematic.
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Enhanced Periodic Inspections


After the first five years of service and then every five years after that, it’s necessary to have an enhanced periodic inspection done on your EWP machines. We can perform these inspections, ensuring that all critical components are inspected, tested and repaired (if necessary).



Under Australian Standard AS2550, EWP’s must go through a Major Inspection after the EWP has been in use for ten years. The intensive inspection, maintenance and repair work is done for EWPs that have not gone through a major inspection in at least ten years, EWPs that are being re-commissioned or imported and EWPs that have been through a ten-year inspection in the past but have been used for five years after that inspection date.