Auto Electrical Services in Dubbo

Are you experiencing an auto electrical fault with your car or truck that is not responding to your DIY repairs? Do you have EWP equipment that requires annual maintenance or significant repairs? Orana Auto Electrical and Orana Access Equipment is ready to assist you with these services.

We can work on all kinds of vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, 4WDs, tractors, trailers and heavy-duty machinery. Our EWP services are available for all elevated work platform machines, such as scissor lifts and boom lifts. Whether you need an annual or ten-year inspection, we have the authority and license to perform it for you. Our expert tradesmen can perform repairs and maintenance work on these machines as well.

Flawless Auto Electrical Services


From installing car accessories to performing battery tests to handling industrial machinery maintenance, Orana Auto Electrical can do it all. We also offer mobile services, which means that we can come to your location if your vehicle is not running or has some other problem.
Say you are noticing that your car’s air conditioning is not functioning to the highest standard or your battery keeps dying - now you know that you can visit Orana Auto Electrical to have the matter resolved. We will never let you down, while all our services are very affordable.
Jump Start Equipment — Auto Electrical in Dubbo, NSW

State of the Art Equipment


A significant reason to request our services is the fact that we have all the necessary diagnostic equipment at our shop. It allows us to get a better understanding of what could be wrong with the electrical systems in your car. We do not conduct guesswork when it comes to our customers’ vehicles. The equipment tells us what is wrong; we relay the information to our clients and let them know about the possible solutions to those problems.

Products and Accessories


Aside from assisting with EWP equipment and auto electrical work, we also sell products and accessories that our domestic, commercial and industrial clients would find useful. Our range of products at Orana Auto Electrical includes driving lights, alternators, LED light bars, starter motors, UHF radios and much more.
We strive to provide value for money and supreme quality, which is why we only sell items from prominent brands like GME, Uniden, Hella and Bosch. If there is a part or accessory that you require but is not in our inventory, we would be happy to order it for you.