Auto Electrical & EWP Specialists in Dubbo

Orana Auto Electrical and Orana Access Equipment are locally owned and operated businesses assisting residential, commercial and industrial clients in Dubbo, Sydney and surrounding New South Wales cities with auto electrical and EWP services.
The owner of Orana Auto Electrical has a long history in the auto industry, having been in the business for over 20 years under the name of Big Micks Auto Pty Ltd. He recently changed the company name and added services for EWP or elevated work platforms.

Reliable Electrical Services


The engines that run modern vehicles are quite sophisticated, a series of complex components need to work together at all times for the system to function correctly. Whether you drive a car, a truck or a 4WD, the systems under the bonnet need to be in optimum working condition to keep you safe on the road.

Our expert team are specialists in all aspects of auto electrics, regardless of whether you drive an older car or a state of the art new model. If you’re having any issues with power steering, power brakes, batteries or other components, we can test, assess and diagnose the problem and recommend the most beneficial solution for you.
Jump Start — Auto Electrical in Dubbo, NSW
If you know there’s a problem and you don’t know what it is, bring your vehicle into our workshop so one of our skilled team can determine the issue.

Elevated Platform Work Equipment


Construction companies and other businesses rely on EWP equipment such as scissor lifts and boom lifts to conduct their work, that equipment must run flawlessly for each and every job. The Australian standards that are set for the inspections that must be carried out are quite strict, the inspections and the equipment must comply with the regulations in order the equipment to be permitted for use at a work site, for the safety of everybody on the job.

Orana Auto Electrical can help in both areas. We conduct maintenance and repair work on EWP equipment such as scissor lifts and boom lifts and we carry out the compulsory routine inspections that must be complied with every year.
Scissor Lift — Auto Electrical in Dubbo, NSW
You can come to our workshop for the compulsory major EWP inspections that must be completed every ten years. The safety inspections that we conduct are very thorough, we are licensed specialists able to provide you with a compliance plate that complies with Australian standards, when the inspection is complete.
If you require any automotive electrical or EWP equipment services in Dubbo and surrounding communities, come and see us at Orana Auto Electrical.