Affordable EWP Services in Dubbo

Elevated work platforms are machines that allow for temporary access to an elevated height at construction, commercial or industrial sites. These machines are commonplace in Australia, EWPs are an efficient way of enabling people, tools or materials to access upper levels of any tall building. It is common for construction workers to have to conduct work and inspections on taller structures, EWPs make these jobs a lot easier.
The most common examples of EWP equipment are scissor lifts and boom lifts. These two machines are a mainstay in Australian construction, they are present on almost every major work site at some point during the building or renovation process.
If you own or manage a company that uses this equipment, you will know how indispensable the scissor lifts and boom lifts are and how crucial it is that they function correctly. At Orana Auto Electrical we provide maintenance and repair services, along with certified inspections, on these EWP machines.
Elevated Equipment — Auto Electrical in Dubbo, NSW

If your business uses elevated work platform equipment that requires repairs, maintenance or an inspection, you can count on Orana Auto Electrical to do the job flawlessly. Our inspections are fully certified, meaning that you will comply with Australian safety standards after completion.

Do you own boom lifts or scissor lifts as part of your construction or other business? Allow Orana Auto Electrical to perform annual and ten-year inspections on these machines, keeping you in compliance with Australian safety regulations.

Orana Auto Electrical has built a reputation for providing excellent auto electric, auto air conditioning and EWP equipment maintenance, repair and inspection services in the central Dubbo, Sydney and surrounding NSW communities. Here are testimonials from our customers that highlight their satisfaction with our services:
“Great service, no shortcuts, and very reliable. Fairly priced. I highly recommend Big Mick's Auto Electrical.”

— Nikos, Dubbo - Localsearch
“Thank you so much to the team at Big Micks. I was beside myself that my car wasn't starting. After a quick look the came to the conclusion that it was the starter motor and it was a minor thing to fix. I had visions of spending thousand that I didn't have. Thank you again Big Mick for the kind service and the relatively reasonable account.”

Mary, Dubbo – Localsearch